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Water Treatment

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Applied Filtration offers state-of-the-art water treatment programs for cooling, boiler, membrane filtration, ion exchange and effluent treatment systems across a broad spectrum of markets. We integrate superior products, custom engineered feed systems, and  comprehensive  technical support to assure our customers of the most cost-effective water treatment programs available. Our programs are designed to provide a real return on your water treatment investment – a return measured in reduced downtime, extended equipment life, increased efficiency, lower utility costs, reduced maintenance man hours and environmental compliance.

Water Treatment Programs & Products

Cooling System Treatments

Provide state-of-the-art solutions for corrosion, scale, fouling, and microbiological control in open and closed cooling systems. Products include corrosion and scale inhibitors, dispersants, biocides, iodispersants, and defoamers.

Boiler System Treatments

Deliver industry standard corrosion and scale control in boiler systems and corrosion protection for steam and condensate return systems. Products include oxygen scavengers, internal treatments, antifoams, and neutralizing amines.

Waste Water Products

Assure compliance with plant effluent discharge requirements. Products include organic and inorganic coagulants, flocculants, and odor control agents

Membrane Filtration System Products

Provide effective cleaning to maintain ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane filtration efficiency. Products include high and low pH cleaners, enzymes, and surfactants.

Selecting the Right Products

Based on a thorough system survey and review with plant personnel we develop a treatment program specific to your equipment, water quality and operational requirements. We offer product technologies to solve the most difficult water treatment problems involving cooling, boiler, membrane filtration, and liquid-solid separation systems.

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