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Proven Product Performance

We’re committed to a sustainable future through the environmentally responsible chemicals we supply, the water and energy conservation programs we deliver and the innovative engineering solutions we provide.

We manufacture and distribute a full line of high performance cleaners, degreasers, sanitizers, and lubricants for the Food and Beverage Industry. Each product is manufactured to meet the most stringent industry requirements, and each is monitored for quality control from receipt of raw materials through production to final inspection

Conveyor Lubricants

  • Propel ST – New “dry lube” technology representing a radical advance over traditional water based lubricants. Waterless system; water is NOT used. High performance synthetic conveyor and chain lubricant with excellent long term filming characteristics and superior lubricity allows use at extremely low concentrations.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide (35%) – Non-halogen oxidizing agent with good cleaning and bleaching properties.
  • SB-Peracetic Acid – Peroxygen sanitizer for food contact surfaces.
  • Peraforce – High retention, foam additive products for use with SB-Peracetic Acids.
  • Sano Quat 4100 HF – High foam, 4-chain quaternary ammonium sanitizer.
  • Oxine FP – Stabilized chlorine dioxide biocide.

CIP/COP Cleaners

  • Hydro Clean 500 – Non-foaming, chlorinated caustic cleaner with good hard water stability suitable for use in recirculating applications.
  • Hydro Clean 700 – Non-foaming chlorinated caustic cleaner exhibiting enhanced rinse properties and superior hard water stability.
  • In-Fact – Chlorinated caustic cleaner producing a dense, stable, highly adherent foam. Excellent hard water stability with good rinse properties. Ideally suited for use in foam generation systems.
  • Shear 201 – Low foam, heavy duty caustic cleaner ideally suited for use in recirculating applications. Non-chlorinated, with good hard water stability.
  • Novelase 1142 – Enzymatic detergent cleaner for neutral pH removal of proteins, fats, and starches. Excellent CIP/COP cleaner. Contains no chlorine or phosphorus.
  • Shine GS – Low foam phosphoric acid/surfactant blend which aids in mineral film removal and passivation of stainless steel surfaces.

General Purpose Cleaners

  • Domolish – High foam additive blend for caustic cleaners to enhance detergency and wetting properties.
  • Domolish LF – Unique, low foam version of Domolish.
  • Domolish RT-8 – A ready-to-use version of Domolish plus caustic. Water dilutable to desired strength.
  • Dynafoam 500 XT – High foam, non-chlorinated, general purpose alkaline cleaner and degreaser (non-HAZMAT).
  • Flex CB-7 – High foam, non-chlorinated, alkaline cleaner and degreaser delivers superior oil and grease dissolving power.
  • Smokehouse 101 – High foam, heavy duty, non-chlorinated caustic cleaner with excellent degreasing and soil penetration and removal properties. Suitable for use in high pressure wash and foam generation systems.

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